Kids Mechanical Bull

Kids Mechanical Bull

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Harry The Friendly Loch Ness Monster

Hey Y'all! My name is Harry and I am a friendly Loch Ness monster. I come from the frozen lands up north. I lived there for many years. The summers are nice but the winters are tough on my old bones. I came here to live with a nice family and their young children. They would play with me and I would give the children rides on my back around the yard. At first the children played with me every day, but soon those play times became shorter and far in-between. Before I could even realize it, my kids were grown up and not interested in me anymore. My family didn’t have the heart to let me go, so they moved me into the garage where I became old and dusty. I sat there for many years just waiting for a small child to love me again. I would watch my children come into the garage and get their new toys and play with them. They never looked in my direction.

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Then one day my owner, now grey with age, pulled me out of the garage and put me out in the yard. The grass felt wonderful under my feet. As I looked up, the white snow started to drift to the ground around me. My owner told me that he and his family had loved me for a long time, but it wasn’t fair to keep me locked away like they had done. He looked at me and told me that they had found me a new loving home. A young couple from way down south was coming to get me and bring me to their home. I was sad to go, but I was so happy because I got to be a friendly Loch Ness monster again! I get to do what I love, and that’s playing with my children. Before I knew it, my new family was here and they were so happy to see me. They loaded me on top of their van and we were on our way to my new home. For the first time in many years, I felt the wind in my face and I was free! The journey was long but exciting. They gave me good food on the journey and they let me sleep inside in the hotel room. I even got my own bed! During the trip, we stopped in Washington DC and I had a great time seeing the sites. When we finally got home, they gave me a nice bath in the warm Georgia sun. Soon after that, a child came to visit me. When they put her on my back, it felt like the clocks had turned back and I was young again! We ran around the yard and laughed in the sun. The young couple told me they would take me on many more journeys all across the land and let children ride on my back. My heart swelled with joy! I can't wait to go on my first journey with my new loving family.